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  1. Horse Colors and Genetics
    Okay let me start by saying I know there are no guarantees or anything other then a educated guess. But I was wondering about how much does a horse grow from 1 year old upto full grown? I know every breed is different but just in general. (It'd also be cool if you guys could say about how much...
  2. Sport Horses
    Okay so I noticed a horse online that cantered the same as a horse I used to ride, which I hated the style of canter. So I asked the trainer what the difference was between this horse and her other horses and she said "(Horse's name) is a low mover with a big jump. He is very unorthodox in the...
  3. Horse Health
    I just bought a mare and have noticed she has lower patterns. She is a 9 yo AQHA mare that’s in foal. She’s had two foals in the last three years. I am worried about DSLD but I have never seen or had a horse with it before, just seen pics on google. Hoping it’s just from her carrying the extra...
  4. Horse Conformation Critique
    I'm not sure her breed but she is about 14.2 hands and I am very bad at critiquing confirmation. I'm planning to do the jumpers with her and probably no jumping higher than 3'3. Thanks!
  5. Horse Breeds
    I recently bought this 14.2 pony for $3250 and she has a great w/t/c and has started jumping like 2'9, slightly green. However, the seller was not sure what breed she was and did not have a pedigree. I was too in love with her to care but her coggins was registered under quarter horse but I was...
  6. Horse Conformation Critique
    5 year old off the track thoroughbred, only raced three times. He's done beginner novice eventing. Looking to do low level eventing and 2'6" to possibly 3' hunter eventually. What do you think? <img...
  7. Horse Conformation Critique
    He is a ten your old Holsteiner gelding used previously as a Dressage horse and them a lesson horse. I am think of buying him and turning him into a hunter jumper or low level eventer. He may have some hock problems though. What do you think? Thanks.
  8. Horse Conformation Critique
    I was wondering if my thoroughbred/appy/morgan mix would make a good reiner. I dont want to do it proffesionally, just for fun. Maybe some small shows if he is good. He's ten and listens well. (Sorry the pictures arn't the best Thanks!
  9. Horse Showmanship
    Hi she is a 9 year old mare, i do eventing, hunting and novice dressage on here and i am thinking of doing working hunter classes this summer. Could you please tell me her good points and bad points and perhaps how i could improve them if at all. Please no nasty comments...
  10. Horse Conformation Critique
    I've had experienced horsemen come up to me and tell me that his confirmation is impeccable as well as his blood bay coloring and that I should show in halter with him (which will NOT happen because he is a barrel horse,) but I was just curious if you could please point out any confirmation...
  11. Horse Conformation Critique
    Nothing high class, just local. I know he doesn't have the best confirmation. ignore me, no stirrups, fast trot. he's a precious angel.
  12. Horse Conformation Critique
    Hi, would anyone mind critiquing my mares confirmation? Shes 7 years old, gets ridden about once or twice a week, give or take a day. I know the picture isn't the best, but its the best i got at the moment. Thanks! :D
  13. Horse Conformation Critique
    Wondering about this guys confirmation. Here are some pictures. Im sorry about his hind leg view, he was being lazy and wouldn't square up. Thanks:)
  14. Hunters and Hunter Seat Equitation
    So, this is my 2 year-old Thoroughbred/Dutch Warmblood filly, Net, sired by Karsh (Secret Secretary). I’ve owned her for about a year and she’s an extremely sweet filly. She’s currently 15HH. She’s going to be the first horse I’ve trained on my own. In the future, I’d like to do hunter/jumper...
  15. Horse Conformation Critique
    Please critique her confirmation and trot! :-)
  16. Horse Conformation Critique
    Hi all, I am interested in buying this filly. She is a 4 month old Quarter Horse and I would like a second opinion on confirmation since she is so young. I plan on using her for pleasure and trail riding.
  17. Horse Conformation Critique
    These pictures aren't the greatest, but I would appreciate the feedback. Her neck seems a little short to me.. but it could just be the angle as well. Thanks!
  18. Horse Conformation Critique
    These are definitely not the best photos but I think these will do. I plan to eventually use him as a hunter/jumper and some training level Eventing. He'll be turning 3 at the end of this month and started growing again (when I first got him as a newly turned 2 year old he was 15.2 and now...
  19. Horse Riding Critique
    Hello, I'm new to the forum, and I was wondering if you could please critique my horse's conformation (yea, I know he's fat), I'm quite curious to know his faults, [I'm biased] and would like to know more about conformation in general. Anyway, the horse is an arabian gelding, and he has...
1-19 of 25 Results