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  1. Teen Talk
    Okay, well, to start off my rant, I'll say first and for all my parents are divorced, and have been since I was 2-ish. They get along well enough on safe subjects (i.e. anything but themselves and me), but sometimes they get in awful fights. My dad HATES conflist of any kind and my mom seems...
  2. English Riding
    Yeah I know, I am posting another thread about an hour later... but this is another thing that has been bothering me besides the saddle-fitting thing. Well, here's my story. Pluto's right lead is very stiff right now, so he doesn't like to pick it up right now. For him to pick it up, I lift my...
  3. Horse Tack and Equipment
    Are these bits the same? I just don't want to dish out a bunch of $$ when I can get the same thing for cheaper:roll: Mikmar Cupreon D-Ring Snaffle Bit with Ergom Lozenge - Dover Saddlery. Coronet Cyprium with Oval Link Dee Bit - 5" Dee Ring Bits English Thanks!:mrgreen:
  4. Horse Health
    My Horse Has Pin Firing Scars All Along His Front Leg Along His Tendon. Just Wondering If Someone Could Explain Detailed What It Is? Ive Been Told That Someone Stuck Pins In His Leg 2 Make An Injury Worse And That Its Cruelty. I Asked The Saddler Coz He Was The One Who Told Us What It Was (...