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  1. Horse Talk
    I have a horse show on the 27th, and I'm really excited for the costume class! One Problem - i don't know what to be! I have to dress up me and my horse, and I can walk next to her or ride her. Bella's a 16h bay thoroughbred mare - sweet temperament, nothing really bothers her. Here are a few...
  2. Horse Talk
    Hey... So it's my first halloween with my horse, and I can't let it pass without totally humiliating her by sticking her in some crazy costume. :D No really though, I really want to dress her up. But I can't really think of any good ideas, so if anyone has a really epic costume idea they would...
  3. Horse Talk
    Hello, this year I am competing in costume classes that have year end awards with my pony. I need six easy and low budget horse costume ideas.. I also am reanacting the scene from Romeo & Juliet where Romeo and Tybalt fight exept I am doing it on horseback. Any tips? I have to fall off...
1-3 of 4 Results