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  1. Horse Talk
    I need ideas for a costume for my mare and me I want it to be simple and easy to make but I also want it to stand out. I need ideas QUICK AND EASY. I also have a pictuure of my mare.
  2. Horse Talk
    Hey... So it's my first halloween with my horse, and I can't let it pass without totally humiliating her by sticking her in some crazy costume. :D No really though, I really want to dress her up. But I can't really think of any good ideas, so if anyone has a really epic costume idea they would...
  3. Official Horse Forum Photography Competition
    Hi, i have a big 16.3 hand sorrel quarter horse and i'm entering a costume class at the fair this year, i was thinking about batman and robin, or a tiger and a zoo keeper? I really need help we have less then a month to put together a costume! Any ideas? and if i were to go with the tiger how...
  4. Horse Talk
    Alright so heres the deal, i have a 18hh pure white Percheron draft gelding who is as thick as a car and i need costume ideas and quick! I want something i can do bareback. I was thinking fairy and putting ribons and stuff in his mane and tail (which are EXTREMELY LONG) but i need a picture or...
1-4 of 6 Results