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  1. Trail Riding
    Hi my name is Andrea I am new to trail riding with my three year old, patches. I live in the veronica Oregon Columbia county and was wondering if y'all knew of any good trails for my horse and I to take round town. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Andrea and patches. ��
  2. Teen Talk
    I'm Doing a one day event tomorrow and I'm going to walk the cross country course later but there might be a ditch. I've never jumped a ditch before and I'm riding my friends pony that I've ridden 3 times! How should I jump a ditch? PLEASE HELP:-)
  3. Horse Tack Reviews
    Hello, Does anyone have any experience with Black Country or Albion saddles? I'm looking for opinions on them. How is the quality of the leather and the saddle in general? Did you find it nice to ride in? What might be a good saddle for someone who rides mostly on the flat and jumps about once...
  4. Horse Tack and Equipment
    Hello there! So I'm getting a new horse (hopefully) soon! The horse I'm getting is a palomino swedish warmblood gelding. He is quite the looker! :D Anyways, my current event horse, Millennium.. I'm still trying to debate whether or not I want to event him or just do jumpers. I'm thinking of...
  5. Movies, Music, and TV
    Some of you may not know, but I hardly ever listen to music. I do have some CDS and an MP3 player (well, two now). I never listen to the radio unless I'm driving and I don't know any new songs. If I know a song I already have it so I can listen to it if I want. But, the genious I am, I asked...