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  1. Hoof health and Care
    I noticed the crack in the picture a couple weeks ago ago. The size has increased some, but seems to be stabilized and is not right against the coronet band. Wondering if it is just and abscess working out our something more significant.
  2. Horse Health
    I'm fairly new to this website so sorry in advance for anything I may not understand. To the point. Yesterday I rode my 6 year old thoroughbred, just plain excersize and jump practice and she seemed fine, no lameness or sore anywhere. It was raining a fair bit today so I just lunged her for...
  3. Hoof health and Care
    Hello, I purchase a 2 year old QH gelding last week and now see that he has a crack in his hoof.. It doesn't cause him to limp, and I can't see that he is favors it at all...My Question is: Is there something I can do to help it heal? Please let me know.. Thank you:-) p.s. It is his front...
  4. Hoof health and Care
    Ok first thing I have a BIG thing about is hoof crack, I know its caused by a too brittle or too soft hoof. My pony gets wee cracks every now and again and I wanna know how to prevent hoof crack cause I just dread my Harry getting it. He has 4 shoes and I give his hooves a quick rinse before and...
1-4 of 4 Results