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  1. Hoof health and Care
    It was reacently brought to my attention that an older lady with multiple health issues was having big problems with a horse and getting treatment. I went out to see what was up when asked by a mutual friend, and found a rear hoof split from toe to top. Obviously infected and in need of...
  2. Hoof health and Care
    The lovely horse I'm leasing and looking at buying has notoriously bad hooves. Not awful, but not too healthy looking. She has a history of mild abscesses and throwing shoes. Her new hoof growth seems dry and scaly, and she gets cracks and breaks easily. I want to start her in eventing, so I...
  3. Horse Health
    My Appaloosa mare has vertical hoof cracks in her front legs. They don't reach the coronet or the bottom og the hoof, and they aren't deep either. My dad is our farrier and rounds her hooves off once or twice a week, since her hoof walls are very thick. I was wondering if there was a supplement...
1-3 of 3 Results