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  1. Cutting and Team Penning
    I just purchased a new mare shes an AQHA 10 yr old mare De Luxe Maganna and she was trained & shown in cutting but the people i purchased her from just trail rode her. She rides amazingly & has one heck of a handle on her, very sensitive to leg pressure & movements. I am not familiar at all with...
  2. Dressage
    I have a friend who recently bought a VERY sweet Arabian show horse. Before she got him, he was a top-notch international competitor. He did jumping, dressage, etc. She has retired him because he's totally burned out. Just the sight of a show ring makes him tense. My friend mostly rides Western...
  3. General Riding queries
    I was on a trail ride about a month ago and it wasn't going the greatest. 20 feet in the gate the horse I was riding started bucking because two mules rode past her. Then another person suggested I trade horses with the owner of the mare (:oops: She saw I was scared half to death as well as...
1-3 of 3 Results