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  1. Horse Talk
    Hi, I am buying my very first foal that will be all mine 😊 Looking for ideas to commemorate this time as she grows, something that I can keep for sentimentality's sake?
  2. Horse Talk
    Everyone (I hope) loves a cute horse, or when horses do cute things. I've seen a lot of cute pictures on other threads, but how does your horse--or one you know-- show affection? Elvis, a Welsh pony I exercise, will shove his head into my side whenever I'm near him, or after a walk. Especially...
  3. Horse Breeding
    My new Filly is a half Friesian, a quarter Gypsy Vanner, and a quarter Percheron. She was born at 2:30 on Tuesday, May 12th 2015. She is a Mousy Grey with a bald face and four white socks. She also has 2 white spots above her butt. I need help thinking of names!
  4. Horse Videos
    Hiya, I am fairly new to this forum. Horses are one of my favourite animals <3 I love watching videos about them and found one on YTube which is quite good :) What is your favourite horse? Kyna x
  5. Horse Talk
    Does your horse pose for "selfie" pictures? Mine love to. Post your best!:D Zeus: After having "a few too many":wink: Lemonade tries, but ends up with her eyes closed most of the time:
  6. Horse Pictures
    Figured I'd share a picture of my MorAb Whisper~ She's so curious and snoopy towards practically everything xD
  7. Donkeys, Mules & Zebras
    We finally received our new rescue donkey today! He was delivered to the farm this afternoon around 4:00. Trailers well and is a big sweetheart. His name was Elvis but i changed to Jethro (Aka, Jett or Jeth) Once let into the pasture with Indy (My 20 year old appaloosa mare) They INSTANTLY (and...
  8. Horse Pictures
    This is the picture I have from her papers. She was just so stinking cute that I had to share. She's still a stinker & I don't think she could get any cuter. Haha
  9. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Hey guys! I got an AQHA filly about a month ago and have been working with her all the time. I have a blog that includes all my work I've done with her and I would LOVE if you would check it out and suggest other things I should work on with her! Thanks so much! About Scarlett - The Life of...
  10. Member Journals
    Well I kind of all ready have a journal (It's a blog) and I just wanted to invite you guys to check it out! It's all about my beautiful filly Scarlett and things that go on out here every day! Thanks for looking! About Scarlett - The Life of Miss Scarlett and Tara
  11. Miniature Horses
    Hello Everyone! I just recently rescued a miniature mare, but know nothing about her past! She is a dun about 3 or 4 years old with very unique facial markings. I believe she was run through an auction if not several before I rescued her. I have had her a little over a week now! I was told she...
  12. Horse Colors and Genetics
    I happened to come across this photo and just loved the lightningbolt marking on the baby. This is a band of Nokotas in Theodore Roosevelt national park. I'd also love to see your horse's cute and unusual markings :)
  13. Horse Pictures
    This is my Appendix Quarter Horse, Pie. His nick name at the barn is "Big Man" because he literally is just, big!:lol: He's a pretty goofy horse, and he loves to be around people. He just would like to say hello to some awesome horseforum members!:D And just because he is so darn cute!
1-15 of 31 Results