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  1. Horse Health
    Hello, what are your guys small wound /cut or scrape care treatment routines. Aswell as product recommendations?
  2. Horse Health
    After spending hours slaving over grooming Athena to perfection, I went in to the tack room to grab a snack. When I came back Athena had her hoof caught in her hay slow feeder. I feel so bad, I don't know if I will ever forgive myself. All that happened is a few cuts and scrapes but I just don't...
  3. Horse Health
    Is 10% betadine too strong to use on a horses cut? If so, how is the best way to go about diluting it?
  4. Horse Health
    I have an Arabian gelding, 6 yo, he's a baby, not had much work on him before, and I'm starting to find nicks and cuts on his rear, interior posterns and cannons, and considering how he's still tripping over himself sometimes, I'm guessing it's from his hooves cutting him. Regular splint boots...
  5. Horse Health
    Hey, I have a 15.2hh TB x ISH mare. I recently took her to a XC competition and in the box on the way there a horse she was traveling with got loose and has nibbled her neck. The cuts are just on the surface and they didn't bleed very much if at all, but around them its rather swollen, warm...
  6. Horse Health
    My horse got into a "disagreement" with another horse a few weeks ago and got the worst of it. He wound up with several bite marks and lots of scrapes (from teeth) where the hair was scraped off and the skin was a bit raw. I've been treating him with Horseman's Dream cream and it's working...
  7. Horse Health
    I was just wondering if it is possile for horse's to get a kanker sore ( on of those cuts in your mouth that turn white and really hurt)? if it is possible, how would you know your horse had one, and how would you treat it?
  8. Horse Health
    Hi, recently my horse got a little itty-bitty peice of glass in his frog, we got all of it out... but he got lame from it, I understood that so I was giving him Bute and soaking his foot and putting KopperKare on it. It has been about a week since he has been lame and there are little to no...
1-8 of 8 Results