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  1. Horse Talk
    Hey! Would anyone with an AQHA subscription be able to help me? I need three horses looked up, I want to breed my mare sometime in the future but I have no information on her or her parents. All I have is my mares registration certificate. 1st- Miss Rawhide Classic 2nd- Premium Classic Gold...
  2. Horse Talk
    Today talking to a teacher about finding my horses half sister (only sibling i can find) and we started to talk about if he was to see her, would he know her? we feel he would know his dam, problem not his sire but we didnt know about siblings that they never met (shes 8 years older then he is)...
  3. Horse Breeding
    A few family friends, my sister, my mama, and I convinced my dad to breed his beloved horse, Chicky. She is a bay Thoroughbred, and I'm pretty sure that her base color is bay as well. he wants a bay that looks exactly like her (and we all know thats not gonna happen.) But he does want a bay. we...
1-3 of 3 Results