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    Hey, i'm Sinead (thought i might let you know cuz i'm kinda new;D) Right i recently bought a 14.2 Irish Sports Pony, Connie X. He's 'Rory', cba to post a pic so if you want to, check him out in my horses thing. Um okay so i got him from a dealers in Dorset, really reliable. They had loads of...
  2. Horse Talk
    Hello there, I was just wondering if anyone know's the dealer, Jimmy Doran's, number? He's based around the East Midlands, UK. I know you shouldn't trust dealers, however, a colleague recommended him to me, and said he was a decent guy. I want to get in touch with him (but his business is...
  3. Horses for Sale and Wanted
    Hi could anyone tell me some horse dealers in the south west. am looking for horses / ponys to bring on to sell. Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results