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  1. Horse Jobs
    We are looking for a high-energy, active equestrian who is passionate and knowledgeable about horses and equine nutrition. This person is actively involved in the equine world in the NW. This position will include demos at our dealers events, i.e. a customer appreciation day, equine sale day...
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  3. Horse Talk
    Hello! :-) I have gotten permission to bring some horses onto my schools campus and I would like to do some interactive horse demonstrations. My school has a lot of land and trails so we have plenty of room to do stuff with horses. I have already thought of going through the horses gaits and...
  4. Horse Talk
    I am submitting an application to once again perform at Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, WI. I have performed there the last 3 years and am looking to do something different this year. I am submitting an application for Midwest Horse Fair's Got Talent. Applications are evaluated on the...
  5. Horse Tack and Equipment
    It's tough! See, I'm considering applying for the University of Findlay later this fall, for next fall. If I do, and if I am accepted, I'll need an all leather saddle, no synthetic. The saddle I currently have, I bought cheaply and stupidly, as it doesn't have a brand name on it anywhere, and...
1-5 of 5 Results