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  1. Horse Health
    I'm currently working on a resource for an article that's looking at the effects of slow feeders on horse teeth. Several posts have come up on Facebook and other places with people showing possible damage due to extended slow feeder use. We want to gather info that folks can use to assess the...
  2. Horse Health
    Hey friends! I used to participate on this forum years ago. I have lost contact with a lot of the horse people I used to see, and am now at a loss with my aging equine, so am looking to see if anyone here may have some suggestions. He will be turning twenty next month, and has been having some...
  3. Horse Health
    Has anyone used or know anyone who's used HealthyMouth. It something you put in your horses/dogs/cats water and it's supposed to reduce plaque. I'm not looking to use it but am doing research on it for a class. Any experience would be helpful.
  4. Horse Health
    Hi Anyone have a great equine dentist to recommend for us on the north shore area of Massachusetts? We were using a guy from Suffolk Downs, but he recently had hand surgery and can't come this year. I don't want to wait any longer for the 4 horses that need to be done pretty quickly. In the...
  5. Horse Training
    Hello everyone, so excited to join the community. I got to wondering earlier how one would go about introducing a horse to dental gear? Is it like introducing a horse to a bit? Is there even a process? Just Curious - Thanks :-)
  6. Horse Health
    Hello, I have two questions for you guys! 1.) What does it mean when a horses nose is always cold. Even in the summer, all the time my horse's nose is always cold. It is right where the noseband of a bridle or halter would set on her. It is not after work, certain times of day, etc. and all of...
  7. Horse Health
    Just brought home a 14 month old filly yesterday. She is quidding (spitting out balls of hay), and I am trying to figure out why. We did the grain test, she isn't spilling grain. I know typically horses don't start dental work until after 2 years of age. Could a yearling need her teeth floated...