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  1. Horse Health
    I took a fecal sample of my two horses and after looking at the slide I found these little bugs. The pictures aren't great. It was hard to get the camera to focus. I would like to know what particular kind of intestinal parasites these are. After looking at these nasty things I immediately...
  2. Horse Health
    Hi all, I am not a horse owner...yet. But hopefully I will be soon. I've been doing some research on pretty much everything horse related, partly because I am going to own a horse and partly because I find anything equine fascinating....anyway I came across a few deworming questions. As far as...
  3. Horse Health
    Hello, Canada b.c here :) I have a horse ive owned for almost a year, and im more keen on deworming twice a year( spring and winter) because im afraid 4 times a year is too much. Hes alone in a fairly big paddock, manure is picked everyday. I gave him BIMECTIN PASTE DEWORMER in april, but im...
  4. Horse Health
    I know about how often to deworm and how to do it, but should I deworm before or after a workout? Before, after, or in-between his meals, etc.?
1-4 of 4 Results