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  1. Member Journals
    This is the story about how a girl after ten years of patiently (haha, yeah right) waiting to get back in the horse world and her adventures with a bay gelding. Jessi's Background Hi! I'm Jessi and Mini Me is my six year old daughter. Prior to my life as a mom I was a horse enthusiast from...
  2. General Off Topic Questions & Discussion
    Hey guys! I've literally just started a blog.. hope you all will follow us!? It's going to be about me and my horse, Indigo and our adventures as Three-Day Eventers! Hope you like ~~ Diary of an Eventer
  3. Member Journals
    Intro-Hi! First I'd just like to say this is where I will be writing my horsey happenings, for it is the Journal section if I am not mistaken. I hope you enjoy. You may comment on whatever you like. Thanks! Enjoy! Entry 1: A New Barn-The crunch of the gravel beneath the car slowed to halt, and...
1-3 of 3 Results