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  1. Horse Talk
    Hay y'all I have a question that I'm not sure I have the right idea about. I am by no means an advanced, or an intermediate rider for that matter, so I've never gotten the appeal of having a "difficult horse." When I say difficult, I mean a horse that bolts, rears, bucks, etc. constantly. I...
  2. Horse Talk
    Hi everyone... I would really appreciate some input regarding the situation I currently have with one of my horses. I own a 17 year old 15.3 hh Thoroughbred gelding. He was my very first horse that I have had now for 8 years. We've had a difficult journey together thus far and looking back...
  3. Horse Talk
    My horse has a split personality. Last week, he was good as gold for me. I had two lessons, on Tuesday and Wednesday, and he was pretty well-behaved during both of them. There were minor moments of rebellion (because he has to assert his individuality at least a little bit, apparently), and...
1-3 of 3 Results