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  1. Jumping
    Hi Everyone. First of all I apologise if this kind of post already exist. I have searched but did not find an answer. Here is my question: I was told that it is largely more difficult to jump 1mt than to jump 80cm. That is, the transition from 80cm to 1mt is much more difficult than let's...
  2. Horse Training
    Okay, so I have had my horse now for about 7 - 8 months. When I first got her, there were difficulties mounting because she was green broke. We overcame them in a few weeks, and then never had a problem with them since. UNTIL spring turnout came around. She was out for a week before being...
  3. Horse Tack and Equipment
    I just got a new horse (piebald cob mare) and she has A LOT of feather. will this stop me using boots and bandages? if i can't use them, how can i protect her tendons etc.? if i can use them, how? thanks :D