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    Just want to say that I posted about this in the dog forum already and got a lot of wonderful help. I am still having a horribly time deciding though. So.. just while I'm mulling it over it can't hurt to have more opinions. So, my boyfriend hates dogs. Other than this one thing, he is...
  2. Horse Pictures
    My friend and I finally got the courage to ride 2 of our energy-full horses. It's been 5 months since the last ride. Hope you like the pics.
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    You may remember my old thread - - but I thought I'd update on a fresh thread so no one has to sift through old messages. Just as a back story to anyone who doesn't know, Axel is my 1 1/3 year old Australian Cattle Dog that I...
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    My girlfriend and I planned on going to get a dog Tuesday when she gets back from visiting family in North Carolina. We've seen a few and none have panned out. So Friday, in typical me fashion, I was looking up dogs in the area and I came across this beautiful blue heeler. The ad only said was...
  5. General Off Topic Discussion
    Funny story. Found a mouse in the house this morning, thanks to my incredibly strange dogs. I noticed them (these are shepherd mixes, mind you!) in the corner of the room wagging their tails and gently sniffing a small gray ball on the floor. EEEEEK!!!!!! MOUSE!!!! OK, I didn't really scream...
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    When we first got Tudds he was 93lbs. We had him up to 120, now he's 110. Heres what he was eating. 4Health, Performance Brand Ingredients: Chicken, chicken meal, ground rice, cracked pearled barley, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), egg product, dried plain beet pulp, flaxseed...
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    Hi all! I take my dog everywhere with me. He's a big boy and has a decent coat, but if I'm just sitting around or ring riding he gets cold just laying around and will start to shake. I'd really like to get him a blanket not a coat. Like the ones that Weatherbeeta make. I love them, I was...
  8. Horse Training
    So we have two dogs and two horses. My beautiful mustang mare Sahale still isn't trustable on the same side of the fence with our big dog Kuruk. I have let them interact through the fence for months, and also with the horses tied/ dog on a leash. Both our horses are fine with Jade our little...
  9. Horse Talk
    Hey, everyone. :-) I been extremely busy with school and everything lately, so I haven't had time to write here, but, anyways, here goes... My horse is a Belgian draft horse who stands 21 hands high, (he's a giant :-o), and he's the only horse I ever got to know who licks my face! It's really...
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    Hey everyone, I decided that since I don't have a horse yet, I can at least post a picture of my dog. Her name is Francesca (but she goes by Francie for short); she's an almost two-year-old Shetland Sheepdog. Together we do agility, but last year at fair we did Obedience (where she took Grand...
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    hello, i was just wondering does anyone have or know of a dog that chases horses sort of like a prey thing. If so how do i fix it because i would like to ride with my horse and dog without one of them getting hurt. Thankyou! ( i just made an account on here so im new)
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    Horses and Jack Russell's go hand in hand. Post your pictures of your Jack Russell. If you want I can critique your dogs conformation according to the J.R.T.C.A standard (Jack Russell Terrier Club of America) Or just post for fun! I'll start... Here is Rippling Run Samson This is Mayo...
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    What's your favorite breed for a horseshow dog?
  14. Horse Tack and Equipment
    im looking for a One ear bridle and brest collor. to match my new saddle but i dont know a good place and was wondering if anyone had anything custom made. and would recomend the person who did it. and if they do dog collors as well.
  15. Other Pets
    Say hello to HARLEY! My 10 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi! More to be posted :D
  16. Horse Talk
    okay so i this summer me and my sister are getting some. and i either want 3 horseshoes and a paw, or something horse related. i have been thinking that maybe my 3 horses and dog that passed (dog got put down) like an anklet or something but not sure. what do you think?
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    I think my puppy might have OCD.:shock: His name is Dewey. He is a ten month old American Cocker Spaniel that we bought from a breeder(so many issues here!) when he was seven and a half weeks old. Now here is the problem... Inside our house whenever something is placed in a different spot he...
  18. Horse Tack and Equipment
    A few years ago my friend said she barrel races her horse in a "dog bone bit". Since then, I've been looking in my tack magazines but never can find out what she ment. Anyone know? Can you post pictures? Thanks :D
  19. General Off Topic Discussion
    so is anyone going to the million paws walk in port augusta, South Australia