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  1. Member Journals
    This is going to be a combination of show-and-tell, reflective journal and place for SB appreciators to hang out. I am a default Standardbred appreciator because my parents started breeding, training and racing them when I was still at school. My father is still training and racing a trio of...
  2. Horse Shows
    I have a little miniature donkey that I am planning on showing once she is fully trained, and I have no idea what her show name should be. Her name is Tuti and she is a 2 y/o. She is white with gray spots. She is really sassy and has a huge attitude! I was kind of thinking Tutti Fruitti as maybe...
  3. Miniature Horses
    I have 4 mini donkeys and want to see some other mini donkeys out there. I might do some collages' of the minis' so if you want it pm me