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downhill horse
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  1. Jumping
    I have a 15hh purbred Quarter horse, that i would love to start jumping on. However she is slighty down hill, her trot and canter are fine and she has been shown up to 2'9 in hunters and level 2 dressage but her jumping career was awhile back. I have taken her over small vertacles and x-rails...
  2. Horse Tack and Equipment
    My new mare is built downhill. It makes riding her uncomfortable and difficult for me. I tried a normal barrel pad on her, and it just didn't feel right, then put a Charmayne James barrel pad and it felt way better. Problem is it's an expensive pad. So I'm looking for something a bit cheaper...
  3. Horse Tack and Equipment
    I'm really not the best when it comes to fitting tack. I know what it is, where it goes, how to use it and that's about it. On top of that I have a slightly downhill quater horse, he is very round, his back end and stomach area very wide but has a narrow wither area. This makes finding a western...
  4. Horse Tack and Equipment
    I took an Abetta Endurance out on trial today and I am not sure if it fits or not. As you can see by the pic of my horse's back, he is built downhill-ish. Does this saddle fit alright?:?
1-4 of 4 Results