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  1. Horse Health
    Can anyone refer me to an Amish farrier that will trim my 18 H (ex-Amish) Belgian in stocks (If I have one built for him)? Long story short, I've had my big guy for almost 3 years and have always had to sedate him to be safely trimmed. My regular farrier wasn't able to trim him today with his...
  2. Draft Horses
    I am curious - what would be the pros and cons of adopting a former pulling horse? A draft horse used for pulling competitions, like this one.
  3. Horse Videos
    The local draft horse rescue, Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue, had someone make this gorgeous video of all of the pictures. You can find them on Facebook or their website, - Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue Here's a link to the video: My Movie.wmv - YouTube
1-3 of 3 Results