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  1. Endurance Riding, le Trec & Competitive Trail
    I'm about to buy a 17.2 hh 3 year old shire, but what I want to do eventually is dressage and cross country. I know drafts are typically lazy and people think they can only pull carts but I've seen plenty jump (and do it beautifully). My question is does it hurt them, and if so can I give him...
  2. Draft Horses
    Hi guys So all of these draft pics and posts about your beautifull drafts, especially the clydes, have me drooling. I've wanted one forever, but some things mentioned in some posts, especially "convincing my parents to get me a clydesdale" have me a little unsure. So please tell me about the...
  3. Horse Videos
    The local draft horse rescue, Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue, had someone make this gorgeous video of all of the pictures. You can find them on Facebook or their website, - Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue Here's a link to the video: My Movie.wmv - YouTube
  4. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    I was just wondering, is there a difference between Belgian Warmbloods and Belgian Drafts? I've heard both, but a lot of people just say "belgian" so I'm not quite sure if they're the same or not... Thanks in advance :)
  5. Draft Horses
    Hi Folks Out There With Draft Horse Knowledge, With the current economic crisis many really good draft horses are on the market. They have really come down in price and we have the opportunity to adopt one. He's 17H. The trouble is that he (and another one we also looked at) have learned...
  6. Draft Horses
    I just posted a picture on a board of me with loose reins riding Caleigh full speed in an open field. Many people said it was gorgeous and those who have seen her from the beginning of me getting her commented on her toned muscles and her figure. One person however said "you are a horrible...
1-6 of 6 Results