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  1. Horse Talk
    Hey y’all! Looking for feedback and personal experiences. I recently started riding again six months ago. I’ve been friends with my trainer and a couple girls at the barn. So now I end up spending more time there than just lessons. Often we all hang out together. I’m very happy to make horsey...
  2. Barn, Stable & Shelter queries
    What is with all this drama!? I am the type of person who really does not get why people get into fights, why people make enemies, and why these people cannot come to agreements! It just makes absolutly no sense what so ever! So, knowing that about me, you can all guess why i am so annoyed at...
  3. Horse Talk
    alrighty, i have a bit of a delema. i have 3 wonderful horses, only one of which i actually own. at my ranch, my boss will purchase a horse for a worker, and it is their's to train and keep. i have a 2 year old arab. mare, and an 11 year old arab. gelding. i am currently training both of them...
1-3 of 9 Results