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    Here are some pictures of a mare i ride for my lessons. She's a polish arabian and is 23 years old... (If they're not attached then I messed something up... First time posting pictures!)
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    I found that my lesson mare has been doing this when anyone rides her... Is there anything I can do to help her pick her feet up more without being too invasive considering that this isn't my horse? Thanks, Almond Joy
  3. Welcome! Introduce yourself here!
    Hi, I'm a newbie and am a teen :-) I've been riding since September, and ride at a small barn run by my dad's friend. He owns 3 horses in a small, 4-stall barn. He has a 23 yr old 14.3 hand polish arabian named Dreamer, a 21 yr old 15.2 hand morgan named Challenger and a 35 yr old egyptian...