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dressage training

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    Hello! I am needing help training my western reiner to switch to english dressage full time! She is a 6 year old! She is very stocky, and she is very smart and is a quick learner! Iā€™m not sure what else to say, but hopefully that is enough. Please ask anymore questions about her if neededšŸ˜Š
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    Good Evening, I've been "horseless" :cry: for a few years now and I'm finally letting go of my favorite thing: Jane Savoie's Happy Horse DVD Set. I bought the entire Happy Horse set a few years ago (audio CDs, DVDs and book)....I only have the 23 disc DVD set left. I paid A LOT for the set...
  3. Horse Training
    I own a 4 year old mare who I am training for dressage. I have her doing a variety of work to improve her in every way possible but I'm looking for a few exercises that you guys think help. thanks