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  1. Horse Health
    When I got my mare in January, she came with closely shaved legs (unsure why!). It's now April and she has barely grown, if any, fur back. She also has had dry flaky skin and seems very sensitive to grooming. Any ideas? She's a retired STB. Granted I know she was clipped and constantly...
  2. Horse Grooming
    What are some products that dry out hair over time and generally create an unhealthy coat? For example, I was brushing out a friend of mine's tail and another girl said "Just pour some detangler on, it keeps the tail so nice and tangle free! I was worried it would dry out the tail and make it...
  3. Horse Talk
    what does it mean when you see " mare care wet" or "mare care dry"? And do you think $10 a day for "mare care" is too much?
  4. Farm Forum
    Hello I'm not sure if this is the right place for this thread but this is my first time posting here so forgive me =). I'm planning to build a boarding facility in lower Saskatchewan but the land I want to build on is very alkaline. What I need to know is what type of grasses for pasture live...
  5. Hoof Care
    Hello, I purchase a 2 year old QH gelding last week and now see that he has a crack in his hoof.. It doesn't cause him to limp, and I can't see that he is favors it at all...My Question is: Is there something I can do to help it heal? Please let me know.. Thank you:-) p.s. It is his front...
  6. Horse Health
    I live in arizona and board my horse at a cheep barn (facilities are not very good and the arena is rock hard.) When I got my horse in 2008 she was barefoot. I was just riding her for fun and would go on the trail on the weekends (the trails are very rocky). I put shoes on her when her feet...
1-6 of 6 Results