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  1. Rodeo
    So i just have to brag here for a little.. At the last NLBRA rodeo Duke and I went to, our pole run went EXCELLENT! :D He was on fire! We ran our fastest time yet: 21.473!! I am so proud of my little man!! We are getting faster and faster! I'll hopefully be able to get the video from my aunt...
  2. Barrel Racing
    Well, we're workin' on buying Duke from my aunt, but i dont know what colors I want to use on him! Hes such a gorgeous, light color, so mostly ANY color looks great on him! I loooveee neon colors! I would like to use hot pink, but i dont know if pink on a boy horse is, umm, okay(: haha, heres...
  3. Horse Health
    I board at a barn near my home, and there is this one gelding there. His name is Duke. The thing is, he has some sort of eating problem, so he isn't allowed outside to graze with the other horses and ponies, and his owner never comes to ride him, so he's always in his stall. It makes me want to...
1-3 of 3 Results