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  1. Barn, Stable, Shelter & Equipment
    I understand you need to water an arena, then apply calcium chloride. So, I didn't have time to apply the cc before winter. My arena is getting too dusty now but I live in Michigan so my common sense tells me not to water the arena unless I want an ice skating ring. Can I just apply the cc...
  2. Horse Health
    Dust in shavings beds has always been a problem. People buy expensive shavings. Being told they are dust free. Do you believe it ? Nor do I. Here is the solution. Read the last few paragraphs if you are in a hurry. It will give you enough information to...
  3. Barn, Stable, Shelter & Equipment
    our indoor arena has sand in it and saw dust for the dust it helps for a while but after riding for a while it gets too dusty even with the door and window open! we are looking for a different way that isnt expensive!
  4. Barn, Stable, Shelter & Equipment
    Hi all - new to the forums. Looking for suggestions to keep dust down in our indoor arena. Of course we water it, but it needs to be done 2+ times a week and it's becoming a pain in the butt! There are some products out there that are supposed to help the soil retain moisture (Arenaclear...
  5. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    I have a little pony that has a really thick winter coat. He's black so all the dust that i missed shows up very well. I go through his usually grooming routine ( curry comb > Dandy brush > Body Brush ) and at the end of it all, theres still dust that will not get off. Any suggestions as to how...
1-5 of 6 Results