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easy keeper
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  1. Horse Nutrition
    I have a 15 year old Paso Fino gelding that is a very easy keeper. He's been turned out on pasture with a grazing muzzle this summer, and that has helped his weight quite a bit. His neck is less cresty, and my farrier says he's seeing improvements with his hoof health. My question is, what do I...
  2. Horse Nutrition
    She is an 8 y/o Belgian and Quarter cross. She is a very easy keeper. I haven't weighed her or anything recently, but she's about 13 or so hands and about 880 - 900 lbs I guess. She is built like a tank so it's not all fat. She is very food motivated. I am wondering if feeding her a ration...
  3. Horse Health
    Hey everyone I've just been browsing some websites about lucerne hay, as my horse is fed lucerne chaff after being worked along with EasiResponse, and I was just curious about the nutritional value of this particular hay. One website that I saw had a bit about how lucerne hay can cause easy...
1-3 of 3 Results