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  1. Horse Health
    I recently had someone see some pictures of my buddy Rufous on the internet and caught some criticism for him looking underfed and emaciated. Here is a little back story... He was bought by a lady for her boyfriend. Boyfriend (a Marine) deployed. They broke up while he was deployed. She was...
  2. Horse Health
    Bob is a 20 something year old grade horse. I say grade because I honestly have no idea whats in him. He IS an appy. Blueish gray with a blanket, and one glass eye. (pictures coming;) ) . And this is his story. His first home they had him for a very very long time. Used him for carts, buggies...
  3. Horse Health
    He is 16hh and only 10 years old. He has gone from 847 lbs to 874 lbs!
1-3 of 3 Results