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  1. Horse Talk
    Calling to all of the Australian horse fanatics! I am searching for as much information about the horsey world in Australia, it doesn't matter what exactly :) I am looking to migrate to Australia from Surrey (UK) to commence University and start my Veterinary degree, so I am looking...
  2. General Off Topic Questions & Discussion
    Hey guys, So for a while I've been interested in moving to Canada (or north North America). No area in particular, just not the City, closer to the country. I'm from the UK, but I'm really interested in moving out there - not any time particularly soon (funds... lack off...) but in time. What I...
  3. Horse Talk
    Hello there, In the future (not soon by the way) I'm considering moving to Canada from the UK. I was just wondering, how long would Indi have to be in quarantine for, before she'd be allowed out and about in Canada? Any answers appreciated, Many thanks Holly
1-3 of 3 Results