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  1. Horse Health
    My 19y/o thoroughbred mare has always been a little hot at times, some times more than others. However, recently she has been way more excited than usual where it’s not very manageable and it’s starting to interfere with my training. It’s not like an uncomfortable excitement for her - I’ll lunge...
  2. Horse Feeds, Feeding and Nutrition
    I started my horse on camelina oil. Someone recently told me that adding an oil to the horse's diet will make them frisky? I've also heard this about flax in the past. My mare has been a little over the top lately, but I also need to keep in mind that its fall (cooler temps) so a little extra...
  3. Horse Feeds, Feeding and Nutrition
    hi I have a 8 year old arab mare who has been real sluggish. She has not wanted to do anything, I am trying to start showing soon. And there is just not enough time for me to properly train if she doesnt have any energy. I just want to know what I can do. Please help me. Em:runninghorse2:
  4. Horse Feeds, Feeding and Nutrition
    Hello~ I have an eleven year old TB gelding rescue that has been on only alfalfa. The rescue I adopted him from informed me that he colics with Bermuda or grass hay. He has: -bench knee/ over in the knee -bone spavin in hind -ridgeback -brittle hooves that previous farrier (before being adopted)...
  5. English Riding Queries & Discussions
    My 5yo Standardbred is normally great to lunge, he even knows how to free lunge. But since I haven't been riding for three weeks (its been raining non stop so the paddock was full of puddles and it was really muddy) he refuses to lunge at all. The moment he gets out far enough to trot Nero...
  6. Training, Performance, discussion, problem queries
    I am currently working wth my boyfriend's mother's horse. Free-a ( Thoroughbred mare chestnut) was ridden regularly about two year ago, and then hasn't been since. She is a big lovebug (excellent ground manners) but has so much energy. She is seven years old, and voice trained. We let her go out...
1-6 of 6 Results