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  1. Horse Shows
    Hello everyone, I would love to know what everyone has on their horse show checklists. I've started to create a checklist for myself and was just interested to see what everyone else has on theirs. Thank You!
  2. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Hey everyone, I would love to get recommendations on equestrian backpacks you like or opinions on ones you weren't or were a fan of. Thank You!
  3. Horse Boarding/Livery/Agistment Queries
    Hello everyone, I've begun the process of starting to look at boarding facilities around me as I plan on purchasing a horse this coming spring. I would love to know what everyone looks for in a boarding facility for their horse. I've never boarded a horse before as my past horses lived on my...
  4. Eventing, Cross Country, Fox/Trail Hunting
    Hello everyone, I'm looking for advice when it comes to which states and areas within those states are good to live in that have an abundance of eventing competitions and trainers. Where I'm from eventing is pretty much nonexistent. I know of Florida (would LOVE to live there) but with the...
  5. My Favorite pic of ud

    Nothing better than kissing your boy after a good training ( And of course a lot of treats hahahah )
  6. Equine related Surveys & Questionnaires
    Hey everyone, I am currently working on my thesis project for school and I would love to get some information! My project has now become more specific with three possible directions which will result in a physical prototype by April: 1) mitigating the effects of whiplash 2) protection of the...
  7. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    I am Isabel, a Master in International Business student at Business School Lausanne. I would very much appreciate if you could fill this survey for me. It is for a school project and have chosen horses since it's my passion. Thank you! *NO PERSONAL INFORMATION IS ASKED FOR * Thank you for...
  8. Western Pleasure
    I’m showing in a show in March where I will be doing western pleasure this show is kinda big it’s all breed and it costs 100$ just to do one class and I’ve never shown pleasure at a show like this and I was wondering do I have to cut my horses Mane or can I leave it long?
  9. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Hiya Horse Lovers I am doing a quick survey on horse fashions... I would be very greateful if you could give me your views and opinions on the following questions: 1. As a rider, where do you shop for your clothes? high street or equestrian shops? and why? 2. What do you think could...
1-9 of 9 Results