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  1. Equine related Surveys & Questionnaires
    Hey everyone, I am currently working on my thesis project for school and I would love to get some information! My project has now become more specific with three possible directions which will result in a physical prototype by April: 1) mitigating the effects of whiplash 2) protection of the...
  2. Horse Breeds
    I am Isabel, a Master in International Business student at Business School Lausanne. I would very much appreciate if you could fill this survey for me. It is for a school project and have chosen horses since it's my passion. Thank you! *NO PERSONAL INFORMATION IS ASKED FOR * Thank you for...
  3. Western Pleasure
    I’m showing in a show in March where I will be doing western pleasure this show is kinda big it’s all breed and it costs 100$ just to do one class and I’ve never shown pleasure at a show like this and I was wondering do I have to cut my horses Mane or can I leave it long?
  4. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Hiya Horse Lovers I am doing a quick survey on horse fashions... I would be very greateful if you could give me your views and opinions on the following questions: 1. As a rider, where do you shop for your clothes? high street or equestrian shops? and why? 2. What do you think could...
1-4 of 4 Results