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  1. General Off Topic Questions & Discussion
    I collect and customize model horses as a little side business/hobby of mine. I was curious, if you wanted a custom Breyer, which mold would you prefer it on? Just trying to get a feel for which molds are more popular and desirable. Thanks! 😃
  2. Art and Craft Work
    A WIP of a horse sketch sheet I’m doing. Trying to work with contrasting saturations, and I’m mainly practicing anatomical aspects. Out of the two my favorite is the first one (on the bottom) Two more drawings done for the sketch sheet— a horse’s eye and a rearing Andalusian. The thing I...
  3. Official Horse Forum Photography Competition
    I have never posted a contest here before so I'm not sure how many responses I'll end up getting, but I encourage you to enter, perhaps just to show others your work! The forum is full of wonderful horse art and I figure it's time to have a fun contest! I am an equine artist using pencil and I...
  4. Art and Craft Work
    Hey Everyone, I just joined this forum. So glad to be here. My name is Heather. I have been working for myself since 1999 creating original artwork and selling on and off the internet. I wanted to share a few of my pieces here with you. I just updated my website if you would like to see more...
1-4 of 7 Results