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  1. Horse Health
    if you have a horse could you please kindly answer this survey as part of my investigative project for college, answers will remain anonymous thanks in advance, hope everyone is having a lovely festive season...
  2. Horse Health
    Hey guys, I am reasonably new to the industry and have just bought my first horse (which is in work now). My question, what is your single biggest challenge when it comes to getting your horse fit before an event/race meeting?:runninghorse2:
  3. Horse Health
    Tried to get info from Cleveland Equine Clinic but I'm sure there is some type of privacy policy there and they just can't tell ya but does anyone else know where Alex has moved to with his practice? Always loved having him out, he's great with our horses and is an excellent vet. If anyone knows...
  4. Horse Health
    I am posting this with the intent of gaining the opinion of an equine veterinarian, veterinary student, or anyone else who has experienced something similar. Although the event that I will describe happened months ago, it has continued to haunt me, and I am determined to find out what happened...
  5. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Okay, I am split between two pretty popular companies that a lot of trainers I know buy from: Dovery Saddlery and Equipro. I am a big fan of Dovery Saddlery, but their quality becomes spotty with some of their products. I've heard pretty great things about Equipro's products, especially their...
1-5 of 5 Results