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  1. Equine Careers and Education
    hello there everyone. is anyone in here an equine chiropractor or equine massage therapist that would be willing to give me a little insight? i am interested in going into that field but i have some general questions that google isn’t answering. thank you in advance!! i would love to hear...
  2. Horse Health
    Does anyone know of any 'tools' (like a noduled brush or w/e) that can be used to successfully massage a horse? I can't afford to pay for a massage therapist to come out and I think massage would really benefit my mare. Any tips? I've been looking at the Equistix and The Octassager Multi-Purpose...
  3. Horse Jobs Available & Seeking Positions
    I am a Certified Equine Massage Therapist. I love working with horses and helping them with a Sports Massage. Massage can help with muscle spasms, enhance muscle tone, increases the flow of nutrients to the muscles, reduces inflammation and swelling in joints, thereby alleviating pain...
1-3 of 3 Results