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  1. Horse Pictures
    Hi everyone!! I've been gone from the forum for ages, and this is my grand return! :lol: Over the summer I bought a DSLR camera and became interested in photography. (Especially of horses, of course.) I'm sharing a few of my favourites here now! Any critiques or comments are welcome, since I...
  2. Horse Pictures
    i've been doing quine photography for awhile. i don't have my new camera yet, so the quality is a little bad, but here are the photos from the last horse show I attended. :) check out my photography page for more :)
  3. Horse Talk
    Hi folks. I am organizing an equine photography workshop next month in Tuscany, Italy with Christiane slawic Christiane Slawik | Equine Images Dates are from the 8th to the 16th for those looking to ride and shoot every day, and 15th and 16th for the weekend workshop. We will focus on...
  4. Horse Pictures
    Haha, so I just love taking pictures of ponies ^.^ Here are some examples -
  5. Horse Pictures
    Hello! I'm equine photographer from Russia. I visit US now and will stay in San Mateo, CA for next 3 weeks. So I would like to take some nice pictures while I'm here. I'm mostly interested in freedom shots of some unique horses - arabians, tinkers, persherons, andalusians and friesians, or any...
  6. Art and Craft Work
    So I have recently taken up Equine Photography. I would love to be able to pursue this ambition further, hopefully once I have more time. Perhaps some day, have a local business. Anyways, here are just a few of the pictures I have recently taken this year. Enjoy :o)
1-6 of 6 Results