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  1. Horse Talk
    Hi everyone--you don't know me but I know many of you--I'm one of those 'lurkers' who reads but rarely comments. I hope this won't be considered 'advertising' so much as a gesture of thanks but I am proud to announce the publication of my first novel, entitled The Horse is Never Wrong, now...
  2. Horse Articles
    Equine Therapy: An Inside Look Claire Dorotik, M.A. Even if your experience with horses is only a passing interest, you have most likely felt what those having a long history with horses already know: there is something about horses that is just good for the soul. As the awareness of this...
  3. Horse Articles
    Do horses really mirror people? Claire Dorotik M.A. In the world of equine facilitated psychotherapy, the fascination of working with an extremely large, and often, frightening animal, especially in a way that offers insight, and possibly healing, has held an exclusive allure for...
1-3 of 5 Results