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  1. Horse Feeds, Feeding and Nutrition
    Hello~ I have an eleven year old TB gelding rescue that has been on only alfalfa. The rescue I adopted him from informed me that he colics with Bermuda or grass hay. He has: -bench knee/ over in the knee -bone spavin in hind -ridgeback -brittle hooves that previous farrier (before being adopted)...
  2. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    I have an ex-racehorse on loan and I've had him for just a couple of months now. I don't know if I am judging him too early but (to me) his bit doesn't seem to be serving its purpose (He is in a Hanging Cheek snaffle). I understand that he was a racehorse so his outline won't be good but when I...
  3. Horse Talk
    hello there, At the end of May, someone we knew gave us a horse to loan and train- she is a 4 year old ex racehorse mare with the sweetest temperement. The main reason of having her was to do Pony club camp on her, so that she could be sold for more money at the end of the summer (although i...
1-3 of 3 Results