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  1. General Off Topic Questions & Discussion
    This is just a concern I'm feeling right now, as I'm starting to seriously think about purchasing a property where I've settled vs. renting and I'm quite sure all my real-life friends and acquaintances are tired of hearing me obsess about it/plan for it. Any discussion or advice on the topic...
  2. Horse Talk
    Anyone know of barns who are boarding in howard county maryland? Im having a hard time finding a good place. THANKS!!:-P:-P:-P:-P
  3. Farm and Garden Forum
    My family (I'm 14) has been looking for a place with about 15 acres so we can move our 3 horses to our own place, plus get a couple more. (It's WAY too expensive to board more than three.) I've been boarding for almost 5 years, and I'm SO sick of it. The place we board at is generally crap, and...
  4. New and Returning members, introduce yourself here
    Hi. My name is Larissa. I came here seeking to find people who have horse farms, etc. Obviously .. right? Or else I'd be on some emo punching bag website instead. LOL. Here's my story. I didn't grow up around horses, it was only a year ago I was really introduced to them, like .. really really...
  5. Horse Health
    Hi everyone, I know in southern states things like drought , infertile soil play a part on how horse farms provide feed for there horses. Iam looking to start a buisness running loads of quality timothy at reasonable prices. This will help stuggling and prospering farms. Provide and honest way...
1-5 of 5 Results