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  1. Horse Health
    I have this registered coming 2 year old filly. When we bought her we were told she would be broodmare sound only due to her front pasterns. Is there anything that can be done to fix it? Or will she always be broodmare sound only? This is the best picture I have of her pasterns.
  2. Horse Health
    So I'm casually looking at horses for sale and come across a beautiful yearling Hanoverian gelding. He seems really nice from his description, sans the fact that he has some really obvious pigeon toes. I contact the seller as I'm really interested in him as a whole and ask to see more photos of...
  3. Horse Health
    Can anyone refer me to an Amish farrier that will trim my 18 H (ex-Amish) Belgian in stocks (If I have one built for him)? Long story short, I've had my big guy for almost 3 years and have always had to sedate him to be safely trimmed. My regular farrier wasn't able to trim him today with his...
  4. Hoof health and Care
    My horse had an abscess (march 26th)now over a month ago, i soaked it (warm water and epsom salts) twice a day and wrapped it with poultice, he was in the stall for 2 weeks, going out when i was there for about an hour (because of mud and rain). the farrier came out about 2 days after he went...
  5. Horse Talk
    Hi, my horse Buck got his feet messed up by the farrier i started to use. (he had a different farrier in wyoming before i brought him to utah who did a wonderful job on his feet). Since i was uneducated in the hoof ways i didn't think anything was wrong. He was tender on his front right after...
  6. Horse Talk
    I have had fancy jumpers who all had shoes. I do not know what a farrier should cost for a trim on my new barefoot project. Thanks
1-6 of 7 Results