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  1. Horse Talk
    Today, this rerider had a fright - and was shown just how much work I still need to do to feel comfortable on the saddle. I have a long way to go, my friends, and feeling a little discouraged. School horse (20yrs old mare) FLIPPED OUT while ridden in the arena, at the sight of an unknown horse...
  2. Member Journals
    The moment when you knew you loved horses was when... On Clinton Anderson's Facebook page, this statement was posted and it got me thinking. What was the moment that I loved horses? It's a good enough 1st entry for a new blog as any, I suppose! So hello there!! My name is Joy and welcome to my...
  3. Training, Performance, discussion, problem queries
    Hey guys I need some advice. So I've owned 3 horses before, all I started from the ground up and my 2 mares were angels, no spook or bolt from their very first ride. My gelding was sound sensitive and a bit crazy and studdy but I have gotten him over it. Now to help my landlady out I agreed to...
1-3 of 3 Results