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  1. Horse Talk
    So I've been spending way too much time on tiktok and I came across some people with gorgeous mustangs that have more draft/cob type. The kind of horse I'm a sucker for and always wrote them off as out of any conceivable budget. Well turns out these mustangs are from the sinkingwater HMA...
  2. Horse Talk
    Well, life took an extremely unexpected turn today. I found out that there are a couple of yearlings that going to get sent to slaughter in the next day or two. No auction no other chances at finding a home, no nothing, just straight to slaughter. Well, I asked for more information and I...
  3. Horse Talk
    So today is OFFICIALLY the first day that I left the barn *not* feeling like I spent the time putting a onesie on my cat! =D I got Mama Pony awhile back and I've been slightly over my head. All I need to do is tame her down...actual training would be taken care of later, by someone else...but...
1-3 of 3 Results