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  1. Horse Health
    I have been working away on the app, and it is now available in iTunes & Google Play!!! You can save your own horse's vital signs & details too. To learn more about the versions, please visit: www.livinghorses.kyhpage.html to view in iTunes (lite)...
  2. Horse Health
    So I might become a first time horse owner within the next few months :D I am no stranger to horses but have never owned one before. I was wondering what first aid items you would say are must haves? Thanks a bunch! Cait
  3. Horse Health
    I am making a first aid kit for my horse and myself. I have all of my supplies but am wondering, what information should I include in my kit along with my supplies. This is what I have decided to include so far: -Vet contact -Farrier contact -Emergency contacts for myself -List of regular vital...
  4. Horse Health
    This is a free app available through Google Play Market place. Title is KNOW YOUR HORSE (FREE) developer: LivingHorses Please stop by and try it out. Feel free to message me with possible improvements or ideas. Thank you :o)...
  5. Horse Health
    so i have Three geldings, they are 3, 4 and 13 years old. and they live st my house, this winter our barn will have stalls and a nice little area to ride. and i was wondering what kind of medical stuff should i have? we have needles, and vet wrap but thats pretty much it. what else should i get...
1-5 of 5 Results