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  1. Horse Shows
    Hello! I'm going to my first show in 6 weeks, and I wanted to know any tips or things I should know and stuff like that before it. It's just a pony club show, so it's not super competitive or anything, but I still want to do it right, if that makes sense. The horse I'm riding is young-ish (5)...
  2. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    Hello again! Sorry, I'm posting so many threads! I'm doing my first competition/show in years in 6 weeks and I want to get Ninja looking shiny and showy? I guess. Anyway - tips for that? I'm brushing him every day for approx. 20 mins, and I'm hoping to work him every day, even if it's just...
  3. Horse Shows
    My first horse show is in 3 weeks, im super exited but also a bit nervous! Does anybody have any tips or tricks to help me do better?:-)
  4. Horse Shows
    I am about to do my first show in the end of June - it's an Up and Over, although I really don't know what that means. I have schooled at one show before but that's the end of my horse show experience. I will be doing the hunter/jumper (2'6") on a (thoroughbred) school horse, and I am not at all...
  5. Horse Shows
    Today was my first show and I think I did somewhat well. The first class I was in was Yearling halter and we won first by default. (we were the only ones in the class:wink:, but I am still proud of Joey) The next class was aged horse halter. We didn't place:-( but I got a cool hot pink...
1-5 of 5 Results