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  1. Saddle Discussions & Saddle Fitting Queries
    I have been checking around for saddles for quite a bit. I'm a college student so can't afford a 1000$+ saddle, but have happened upon a Stubben Roxane in my price range. I've stayed away from a lot of stubbens because the ones I've seen have left the impression that they're better suited for...
  2. Horse Riding Critique
    I have literally not been on here in forever. Anyways, Penny and I have been working on bending and turning her, and keeping her straight to the jumps because she is a 15.2 ****y mare that doesn't like to listen. =) Anyways, here is my video. Don't critique her, just me please. =D Thanks!
  3. Horse Riding Critique
    Okay, I finally got a video of me riding the school mule that I show ;) You ride mules exactly like horses, so judge the same as well!! This was taken... mid Feburary? We have been working on keeping my hands more still, especially when I ask for Willie's head when we go to trot off. I also know...
  4. Horse Riding Critique
    Today Pluto and I just rode on the flat. He is very stiff in his back right leg, so we mostly tired to work on picking up the right lead on that leg. Also, we worked on bending. The other horses I have ridden at my new barn will bend for you, but because of his stiffness in his leg, he doesn't...
  5. Horse Health
    Heyy, I have a 6 year old SE arabian gelding with a VERY flat croup. I plan on competing in endurance and/english hunt seat. Will his "flatness" affect the way he moves, or in the long run, will it cause any lamness????
  6. Horse Riding Critique
    Here are some pictures from Bee and I's last lesson. What do you all think about us on the flat? Sorry that there blurry, they are video stills.
  7. General Riding queries
    Come on yall, let's see your horses undersaddle or lunging. show us your best movers, action shots.. i know you got em ;) 1) dainty little dream - bella. arab x welsh. 2) small town favorite - bryar. thoroughbred. (he's only two, just learned how to lunge) 3) count my strides - shane. mustang...
  8. Horse Riding Critique
    Could you please critique my riding and my horses conformation if you get a good look at her or if I find a decent picture. Sorry about the size, it wouldn't let me make them smaller.
  9. Horse Riding Critique
    Oscar On The Flat And Jumping! CCritique As Hard As Youu Like! Im Always Learning:)
  10. Horse Riding Critique
    This is me and my trainers horse at my most recent show. This was just a flat class. Please tell me what you think. (The horse is a quarter horse, and i was 12 years old at the show- it has been a while since my last show) :? p.s. i had to take the pictures off of my tv because my dad taped the...
1-10 of 11 Results