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  1. Horse Training
    Hey folks! So I have an all around gelding that does just about everything perfectly, except for a flying change! He will do simple changes with just a single trot stride easily. His lateral work is amazing, half passing at the all gaits, sidepasses, turn on the haunches and turn on the...
  2. Horse Talk
    Hey so I wasn't sure which topic to put this under but I am possibly moving from Sacramento CA to Maui and im not going if I can take my horse. I would like to fly her but was wondering how much it will cost. If you have any ideas please let me know.:D Thanks
  3. English Riding
    Penny, the mare that I love and ride hunters with, does not like to pick up her right lead. I can get her to pick it up, but after jumps she would switch it to the left lead. And, I don't like the idea of having to switch to the trot and have her pick it up the right lead again in a show. Would...
  4. Horse Videos
    HI another video i have made please for feedback clues on video filming ( what you like to se in how to videos) ect. Thank You
  5. Horse Training
    Okay, so my bestfriend is unable to get to the barn alot to ride her horse. She lets me ride him free of charge and he's a great little boy. I'm going to be showing in childrens (2'6'' or so)but I want to make sure that we can go into it with a chance of winning. I only have a few things to...
1-5 of 5 Results