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  1. Horse Training
    Not 100% positive this is the correct place for this so I apologize if it needs to be moved! So, with the weather warming up the bugs have come out, and the flys are already awful here. While grooming Nav the other day he stomped multiple times, pretty violently, to combat flys and ticks that...
  2. Horse Talk
    I saw a post on Pinterest about tube socks on horses legs to keep the flys from bugging them so much. I got some and put them on my horses and they keep falling down and I pull them up but they either rub them down or they fall down as they move. How could I keep them up? Anyone else try them...
  3. Horse Talk
    My mini is being bitten by black flies, I am using a good quality spray on her but wondered if one of those bug zapper lights might be good. they actually attract the black flies?
  4. Horse Health
    Not trying to advertise i was just wondering if i could get an opinion on a business idea.I have been considering trying to start a pest control company, that specifically targets pest found on large ranches, horse farms, hunting land and properties of that sort. I would want to mainly target...