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  1. New to Horses
    Hi to all, I am a new horse owner and I am really concerned about my 12 years old mare's feed. This article says that we must check nitrate levels Does anyone know if it is necessary and how we can perform this test? Thank you. Alex
  2. Horse Health
    Hey everyone, So my boy has been on a fattening diet for the first 6 months I had him. He was very skinny. He is a Clydie X, so he doesn't need much feed at all. Now he's a big healthy pony, maybe a little bit too fat for my liking. I have changed his diet. I've started working him a month...
  3. Horse Nutrition
    Hello, I wanted to ask what hay you feed your horse and what opinion is the best hay for a horse? I know it greatly depends on what you're doing. So if I were to do general riding, trail rides, and MAYBE barrels for fun (not showing) what would be the best hay for that? Thank you and God...
  4. Horse Health
    Hey, My sister has a Morgan that appears to have cushing's disease. She's very skinny and has lost weight and muscle. However, she absolutely does not lack in energy. She also seems to be shedding her winter coat just fine. Her teeth have been floated about a year ago (The weight loss began...
  5. Horse Nutrition
    I'm looking after a friends horse and I noticed that he was nibbling on poop, is this something I should be worrying about? The only food he gets to eat in hay on a roll. Can anyone give me any worldly advice about this? What should I tell his owner?
  6. New to Horses
    Now, I'm not new to horses, I have owned minis for over 7 years now but recently, I got my own riding pony. She is a14.1hh 7 year old Connemara X Arab. She's lovely but I'm not certain on how much food she should be having. She has a field full of grass however now that winter is coming (I'm in...
  7. Horse Nutrition
    I found this website page full of horse treat recipes, but due to this person's name has caused controversy on I can't mention this person's name. If you would like the link to the website please message me and I will let you know the website address. I do not own this website or...
  8. Horse Talk
    In the summer, me and my friend thought it would be fun to ride on a trail to a drive through, and get something to eat. Has anyone ever brought their horses through a drive through before? I am pretty sure most places allow it, but I just wanna make sure.
  9. Horse Nutrition
    My horse has never really been big, now you can see his ribs a teeny bit and can feel his shoulder bones. He is getting close to 23 years old. I am not sure the best way to put weight on him! Help!
  10. Horse Nutrition
    Hi everyone My loan horse has laminitis and I am nervous when I give him food because I don't know if it is suitable for a pony with his condition. :? Can people with experience with this condition please let me know what they can and can not have, or how much of something is suitable. P.S. can...
  11. Horse Talk
    I greatly apologize if this has been created already, but I couldn't find anything else on this topic. Anyway, I'm starting lessons again tomorrow and I want to make some home made treats for my future friends. I have two recipes, but they will prove difficult since I don't have oats. Does...
  12. Horse Health
    this is my 5 year old gelding about 16.2hh hes grown 4 inches in the past year, hes TB/QH cross, paint. hes registered he seems to lose weight much faster then my other 2 horses when putting them over from hay to grass. and giving them less oats/feed. while at trainers he said he got over whole...
  13. Horse Nutrition
    I rescued a 6 year old OTTB Gelding at the beginning of April. He was underweight, but not super severely. I brought him to his new home and he has put on a good amount of weight (his ribs and hips don't stick out anymore) and he has put on a nice amount of muscle. He is ALWAYS hungry though. To...
  14. Horse Talk
    I am waiting to get my new horse so im trying to plan out a feeding schedule because it never was on one open up to any suggestions to help me out Thanks
  15. Horse Talk
    I was just wondering what treats people give their horses that arn't carrots, apples etc. I know someone who gives their horse icepops.
  16. Horse Talk
    okay so on Febuary 8th my Paint Flash will be 5! and i want to make him something, not baked. something that wont be hard to chew... hs tends to eat to fast and has choked before at the vet... so anything? we already give them carrots and apples every week. they tend to be picky but they like...
1-16 of 29 Results